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Quality & Master Craftsmanship: 
The true authenticity of John Arthur furniture reflects the exceptional mastery of our artisans.  The craftsmanship of each individual piece is succeeded only by the intricate marquetry in our designs.  These handcrafted antique replicas offer a unique balance between exceptional design, quality finishing and originality – sure to give distinction to any space they appear in.  Our ultimate aim is to satisfy the more discerning lovers of classical antique English furniture and provide them with exquisite design, combined with the highly skilled crafts of marquetry and woodworking.
Style & Material:
John Arthur prides itself in mastering age-old techniques in woodworking. Wood is at the heart of what we do and only the finest wood is used in the construction of our furniture and each individual piece echoes the style and spirit of English classic and English country furniture.   Every piece is crafted by hand using solid oak, rosewood, mahogany and use time-honored woodworking techniques.  The classic style of John Arthur’s furniture is the perfect harmony of timeless design, form and functionality with the finest material blended with high-quality construction.
Bespoke Manufacturing & Tailor-made Designs:
In addition to offering ready - to - use furniture, John Arthur also takes on bespoke woodworking projects, to suit any specification our customers’ desire.   The process is broken into two stages: the design process and the construction process.  Our artisans and craftsmen work with you to ensure that your vision is executed flawlessly and seamlessly - be it a fitted or freestanding piece.  The end result is an original masterpiece, with meticulous design and unblemished craftsmanship.